Blog Series: The step-by-step way tutorial

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Over the course of my development career, I’ve always tend to enjoy tutorials or explanations that guide you through concepts or frameworks step by step. Ones that have a goal and slowly work through things step by step, building upon itself to reach the final destination. All while explaining why this piece fits there or pros and cons of this piece over here.

These trainings are usually harder to come by because everyone is looking for a quick fix, or tool that does it for you automagically. Personally, I’ve never enjoyed any tool that generates my project for me. Either through setting things up like the create-react-app or angular-cli tools, Java’s archtype system with Maven. Or hell, even Visual Studio’s project templates. None of these tools have settled well with me and at some point I’ve always dived into what they generate to know exactly how it works so I know the limitations of what was generated and how I can avoid using the tool next time.

I know, these tools are meant to make me productive, but I am just finicky in wanting to know what every piece of code that I am building on works. There have been too many times I’ve been stuck in a corner because the people who built the generators made an assumption that was the wrong direction for me. But again, I’m finicky this way.

So, I plan on creating a hopefully long running series of blog posts that are tutorials I wish I had stumbled on long ago. Tutorials and guides on how to setup and do things that take a goal and work towards that goal step by step. Showing how you evolve a code base and idea instead of just explaining what the final bits do.